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By Katerina
Great for metallic colors
December 19, 2021
I like this pen for metallic colors and structured papers. Plus it looks cute.
By Brooke
Wilmington, North Carolina
All purpose nib
September 7, 2021
The Blue Pumpkin is definitely one that I keep on hand constantly. Wonderful for larger letters or thick downstrokes. It doesn't easily catch on paper and very easy to learn, so it's great for beginners. HARDY nib! I used to provide this nib when I taught workshops, since most beginners press so hard at the start. Takes most inks really well.
By Saprophial
Anor Londo
An excellent daily driver for illustration
August 5, 2021
This nib, as stated by others, has a lovely combination of line weight (producing a nice range of light to medium tone that serves well for the common techniques of ink illustrators), ink capacity, and flexibility (enough to easily create dynamics where needed and produce a variety in tones without being difficult or risky to control). It's my current go-to unless I have specific needs for extremes of line weight or flexibility. This nib feels great on paper, with a gentle scratch like the Brause Rose, and the unique shape and color make it easy to pick out of several pens at a glance.
By Catherine
New York
One of my favorites!
November 29, 2020
I just love the Brause Steno nib. It was one of the first nibs I purchased, along with the Nikko G, and I found the Nikko G to be stiffer than I liked. This Brause Steno has a lovely flex and makes calligraphy so enjoyable.
By Marie S.
Newark, Delaware
Top 2 for Fave Nib
November 2, 2020
The blue pumpkin nib is very well known in calligraphy circles, and for good reason. It holds a ton of ink and adds a beautiful curvature to your letters. It's a more pliable nib, so I would not recommend this for beginners as you need to have a good grasp on pressure (it requires less pressure than a Nikko G). Think of it like driving someone else's car and accidentally slamming on the breaks because you didn't realize how sensitive the breaks are, lol.
By Jennifer
Highlands Ranch, CO
Nice nibs
October 5, 2020
Love the Brause, what can I say? This one is better suited for modern calligraphy then copper plate but still a great nib!
One of my favs!
September 5, 2020
This is a big nib. It's not a favorite like my hunt 22 but I love to use this nib when using bleed proof white.
By Shawna
San Diego, CA
One little nib can do so much!
August 9, 2020
This nib is great. It holds a ton of ink and can make a wide variety of styles - thick downstrokes with hairline upstrokes, or a more modern look with smaller variation between strokes. This trusty little nib does it all.
By Yishai
Monsey, NY
Beginners friendly
August 8, 2020
This nib is a great choice for you if youre starting out with calligraphy. It'll produce nice lines in varying weights without expanding too much.
By Andrea
Best nib for beginners
March 5, 2020
I'd say it's the best nib for beginners...

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