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Brause Rose Nib   $3.30
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By Aadya
Boston, MA
10/10 recommend
December 28, 2021
As a beginner I absolutely love this
By Melanie
Can be finicky but worth it
October 2, 2021
Very difficult to get the right ink/paper/technique combo with this nib but rewarding when it works. My first time using it was amazing but I can’t recall what I used with it, now every ink I’ve tried gives me a tough time with the nib and pooling so I need to experiment more. I consider myself beginner with nib technique but once I figure out how to get one to flow properly I’m intermediate with lettering.
By Brooke
Wilmington, North Carolina
Wonderful nib for toothy paper & odd surfaces
September 7, 2021
I find myself relying on the Brause Rose whenever I have a tricky paper or thicker ink. It's SUPER flexible, and the tip is rounded so it doesn't easily catch. Takes some practice to get used to, and I like a finer hairline than it provides, but it helped me through a large calligraphy order on Crane Lettra paper, along with several orders of non-traditional surfaces like tile, shell and leather.
By Brandi
Dadeville, AL
One of my favorites
December 16, 2020
Brause Rose nib is one of my all time favorites! I find it very versatile!
By Catherine
New York
Nice nib
November 29, 2020
The Brause Rose is a nice nib with lots of flex. I was a bit worried about getting it because I've read some differing opinions on it, but I didn't find it too difficult to use and I'm at a beginner-intermediate level.
By Sunnydays
Camano Island, WA
The right nib for the right person
August 5, 2020
This is a great nib! Just needs practice to get used to the generous flex, but when once mastered, it will create some of the best downstrokes in calligraphy!
Beautiful design but not happy with the quality
June 13, 2020
Very classic and well known nib from Brause with a beautiful rose design on the body. Looking great on an antique pen holder. So it's a solid 5 stars for the look of this nib. However this nib does not hold as much ink that you will have to dip it very often. It's great for bigger lettering and with a VERY flexible nib. You will need to practice a lot to master this nib. It's not recommended for beginners and those with a heavy hand. It would also require very fine paper to write on with. The nib is smooth I had some problems with it sometimes the tines get caught and makes ink to splash on paper.
By Savannah
San Diego, CA
I love this nib!
February 28, 2020
I like this nib. It holds a lot of ink and is very flexible- definitely not a good nib for beginners, since it requires a very light hand. However, it gives very good movement once you've mastered how to use it and the contrast between the thick and thin lines is gorgeous. It can be difficult sometimes if your ink is too thick, because it's prone to making a glob of ink if you're too heavy handed.

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